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To fully enjoy your patio, the solution may be to install an awning to protect you from the sun. This wall-mounted outdoor awning is equipped with articulated arms that allow it to stretch its canopy. You can then enjoy your garden furniture, in complete peace and quiet, sheltered from the sun, and have a good time with family and friends over a barbecue. Alice's Garden offers you a wide range of solutions at the best price. It's up to you to make the most of it!

Alice's Garden Tips

The awning allows you to set up your patio to enjoy a shaded area. To protect you from the sun, it is a great solution that will bring you satisfaction. There are many variations and it is not easy to find your way around. To help you choose the right outdoor awning, Alice's Garden offers you the essential criteria you need to consider to ensure it meets your needs.

How to choose the right awning?

The different types of outdoor awnings

Full box awning

When the awning is folded, the canopy and the arms will be placed inside a box. They are thus protected from the weather.

Semi case awning

For this one, the canopy goes inside the box but the arms stay outside.

Monobloc awning

This awning is pre-assembled and ready to be installed. It is not equipped with a box, so the canopy is not protected. It is therefore advisable to place it under the edge of a roof or to protect it with an awning.

The classic terrace awning

Also known as the traditional awning. The individual parts must be fixed separately. As with the monobloc, the canopy is not protected.

Manual or motorised awning?

Each awning model can be manual or motorised.

The manual system is chosen more for smaller sizes. It is the cheapest but it gets damaged faster than an electric system due to repeated knocks and movements. The mechanism is less protected and therefore more exposed to weather and wear.

The motorised awning is equipped with a motor inside the structure. It is operated by a switch or remote control. It is more expensive but guarantees a longer life span.

The choice of the fabric

The fabric of the awning is available in several colours and sizes. The most common fabrics are polyester, acrylic and microperforated fabric.

Polyester is the most popular because it is a very strong material. This type of fabric offers the best value for money but is more sensitive to UV light. The colours can quickly fade.

Acrylic is stronger than polyester but more expensive. It has a longer life span and its colour persists over time. It is treated to be rot-proof to resist moisture and mildew.

Like acrylic, micro-perforated fabric is also highly resistant to UV rays and remains very strong. This type of material is tear-resistant and rot-proof.

How do you install an awning?

We recommend that you call in a professional to install your awning. If you want to install it yourself, make sure you read the installation instructions in the manual and have the necessary tools. You can then take the measurements, fix the awning, motorise it if necessary and adjust it.

How to maintain an awning?

We recommend that you call in a professional to in

In order to extend the life of your awning, we advise you to carry out regular maintenance:

- Regularly check the condition of the wall brackets (tighten them if necessary).

- Check the winch every 10 months. If it is damaged, do not use it again until it is replaced or repaired.

- Check the condition of the nuts and bolts of the structure once a year, tighten them if necessary.

- Stop using the awning as soon as it is damaged or not properly secured.

- Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning products on the metal structure.

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