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GALINETTE wooden chicken coop, hen house measuring 151x69.50x92.50cm

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    GALINETTE wooden chicken coop, hen house measuring 151x69.50x92.50cm

    Key features

    Integrated nesting box and chicken run
    Easily blends into any garden
    Protects against predators

    Have you always wanted to raise chickens and enjoy fresh eggs? If so, then the Galinette chicken coop is the perfect choice. This pinewood chicken coop can comfortably house 3 chickens. It has a covered roosting shelf to keep your clutch protected from the elements and predators, and provide them with a comfy place to sleep. Your chickens can easily access it thanks to a practical ramp. This hen house also has a roosting pole and a 2-compartment nesting box. Its roof opens so that you easily collect any eggs.
    This hen house has numerous access points as well as a sliding ventilation hatch.
    Its practical, removable dropping tray means you can easily remove any droppings.
    The Galinette chicken coop is made from 8mm thick panels, making it both sturdy and well-insulated. Its tarred felt roof provides added insulation and is fully rain and damp-proof

    Technical features:

    Suitable for 3 chickens          
    Material: Pine 
    Roof: tarred felt, rain and damp-proof
    Chicken wire: galvanised steel
    Dropping tray: galvanised steel          
    Panel thickness: 8mm
    1 interior roosting pole 
    1 sliding ventilation hatch
    Several access points:
    - Entry door with latch
    - Sliding trap door with outside handle to easily access roosting area
    - Latch opening to access the higher level

    Technical details >

    Product Details

    • Assembly: This product is delivered in a kit. Follow the instructions in the user manual.
    • Number of animals: 3
    • Material: Fir
    • Colour: Natural
    • Use: domestic use only
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Download user guide Galinette


    151x69.50x92.50cm (25.50kg)

    Product dimensions

    • Dimensions of packages

      Package 1: L115xD75xH19.5 cm - 28.8kg

    Galinette GALINETTE wooden chicken coop, hen house measuring 151x69.50x92.50cm

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