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Are you looking for a garden storage box but cannot seem to find exactly what you need? You are in the right place. At Alice's Garden we have beautiful containers to match the look and feel of your patio tables and chairs. These enclosures are just perfect for the patio or decking. They make the perfect solution for packing away the seat cushions from your outdoor seating, pillows for your loungers or even a place to keep the children's toys when they are not being played with. If you have a fire pit, then these storage containers will make a great place to keep your firewood dry and ready for use.

Garden storage made stylish!

Are you in the market for a solution to your container problems? If so, you have come to the right place, Alice's Garden has a lovely collection of garden storage solutions for your every need. We have beautiful rattan storage boxes that are suitable for use inside or out. These boxes will look great in the sun room, on the patio or decking or just next to the side of the house.

What is a storage box?

Essentially it is a long box - approximately a meter long by roughly a half meter wide and the same deep. (please check individual items for the exact dimensions). The container stands on little legs - so that it is raised slightly above the ground (so that it does not sit in a puddle or get damp). Our decking containers are designed to look attractive and stylish next to your decking furniture.

Have you been put off buying new garden furniture because you do not have somewhere to store the cushions and accessories? These stylish decking containers have a zipped plastic liner inside to protect your furniture cushions and accessories from the elements.

Why would you want patio storage when you already have a shed?

If your home is like ours, your shed may already be full of toys and bikes. It is probably difficult enough to get the lawnmower out when you need to? Why make life any more awkward than necessary? If you have seat pillows for your patio seating, it is likely that you take them in when not in use?

No need to stuff your sheds full of cushions when winter comes. The smaller accessories that you might have on your patios, such as place mats, seat covers and your trusty bbq tools and accessories can all be kept conveniently ready for use. No need to organise a small logistics operation to transport all the bits and pieces from the garden shed to the patio or decking (and back) every time the sun comes out!

If you spend your summer evenings living on the decking or patio, you may be one of the lucky people who have a little space somewhere in your home to store the cushions? These storage containers not only look great next to your decking or patio chairs, but they are a really convenient solution for storing the cushions and any other equipment outside. And they're weather proof - so no need to worry about them getting damp or wet.

How to buy garden storage containers

There is a wide choice of garden containers available to choose from. But if you are looking for an item that is going to be kept on the patio or decking next to the tables and chairs, would you like to shop for something that is matching, or that compliments the other items that you have?  There are lots of inexpensive plastic alternatives available - but would you agree that a plastic box is going to look out of place next to rattan seating?

If like many people, your shed is already stuffed to the rafters with bicycles, toys and lawn tool, This storage solution will make your life a little easier. Maybe you have space in your garden for two sheds, but one of these containers may solve your problem, look great and at a lower cost?

If you are thinking about buying patio furniture, you might consider buying the matching container now? We can arrange delivery for all the items to arrive together on the date that suits you.

Where will your storage container be placed?

First, before you make a purchase, consider where it is going to be placed. If you intend to position it next to the existing seating, then it may be worth trying to match the style - or at least buy something that looks similar? In addition to the appearance of the storage box, can it be used as additional seating? One other point to consider is what it is to be used to store? Does it need to be weather proof? And do you need storage that can be sealed to protect cushions and accessories from getting damp?

What else can you keep in the container?

Here are a few ideas to help you out. Most sheds are already cluttered. If you have an outdoor fire fit, you can store the wood and fuel safe and dry. The kids toys, if they play on the decking or patio. Seat covers, pillows and cushions. All the accessories for the barbecue as well as a bag of charcoal - if you use it. Small garden tools and equipment, such as edgers and the strimmer, or even a small electric lawnmower. do you have portable lighting or heaters that you use on the decking or patio? You can keep them safe and dry too, rather than fill the shed.

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