Protective covers for Venezia

Protective covers for Venezia

Protective covers for Venezia garden furniture set, dark grey. Waterproof and water-resistant, polyamide coating

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    Waterproof and water-resistant covers
    Perfectly adapted to fit your Venezia sofa set! 

    Protect your garden sofa set when it’s not in use to prolong its life. These two covers are made from polyester. Waterproof and water-resistant thanks to a polyamide coating, these covers preserve your garden set from the rain, dust, and sun, preventing the deterioration of your items due to bad weather. Practical, these anti-UV covers are equipped with closing drawstrings with integrated eyelets. These drawstrings are inserted into the hem and fit into all corners of the covers, which keeps them in place over the entire set. There are two air vents on each cover to prevent condensation. Fresh air circulates equally underneath the covers and therefore, the risk of an excess build-up of moisture is limited.  

    Additional information

    Warning: This cover set has been designed exclusively for the Venezia sofa set within Alice’s Garden UK’s product range. We cannot guarantee the cover’s compatibility with other models. We strongly advise you to remove all the cushions from your sofa set before putting the covers on. 

    Cleaning: Use soapy water and a sponge.

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    Product Details

    • Colour: Charcoal grey
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Use: domestic use only


    Cover 1: L224xD82xH66cm -> for a sofa, side table and coffee table
    Cover 2: L154xD82xH66cm -> for a sofa
    Cover 3: L154xD82xH66cm -> for the corner armchair and the middle armchair
    Cover 4: L96xD82xH66cm -> for the individual chair


    Product dimensions

    • Dimensions of packages

      Package 1: L38xD18xH25 cm - 4.4kg