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Inflatable hot tubs

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Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury - right in your own backyard! Choosing the right hot tub or spa can be confusing. Well, there are not that many things to consider really. We hope this buying guide will help make your decision a little easier when it comes to splashing out this summer!

Why would you want an inflatable hot tub?

Hot tubs are really on trend at the moment. Have you got your hot tub party at home yet? If not, then you have the opportunity to become the centre of attention - for all the right reasons! Create some fun and frolics at home for all the family.

Ladies, are you thinking about getting a few of your girlfriends together for a Saturday evening soiree? Maybe a hot tub and a glass of prosecco will be a terrific way to create a fun and memorable evening in your back garden?

Do you have a birthday party coming soon? For older kids, the pre-teens and young teenagers - it can be difficult to plan a party that will entertain and engage them. An inflatable hot tub can be a great way to theme a party for your older kids that will keep their friends talking about it for weeks to come.

Maybe you just want to relax and unwind. It has a built-in air pump that blows thousands of tiny bubbles into the pool. Relax and let the bubble give you a gentle massage and take the stress away.

Why choose an inflatable hot tub?

There are several advantages. The first one is obviously the cost. A traditional hot tub will cost several thousand pounds for even an entry-level model. These models cost only a few hundred, so right away they are much more affordable. They are not permanent. Maybe you don't have space to keep a tub in place all year - so these can be deflated and packed away for storage when not in use.

They are quick and easy to use. You can have the inflatable tub set up and filling with water in as little as 20 minutes.

Want your own little bit of luxury at home? Just like a spa pool, you can relax in your inflatable hot tub after work in the evenings and allow the bubbles to massage your back and shoulders. Feel the stress of your day just drift away when you lay in the tub for a half hour or so!

How to choose a hot tub

At Alice's Garden, we have a great selection for you to choose from. Our smaller models will cater for a maximum of four adults and the larger versions have a capacity of up to six adults in comfort. Choose from either the square or round shaped inflatable pools.

If it is intended for a children's birthday party, most people find that the tub will comfortably accommodate a few more kids than adults.

It is important to remember the safety aspects of having a pool or tub in your garden. Remember that small child will be attracted to playing with water and be aware of the dangers that it creates. A great way to protect your children from any danger is to make use of the lockable lid that is supplied with your inflatable hot tub. It can be locked in the closed position with a padlock - which means that you can rest assured that your children will not be able to access the water unattended.

How to look after your new hot tub.

Permanent pools can be expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Inflatable hot tubs, on the other hand, are easy, quick and inexpensive to care for. The filters will keep the water in the pool clean - removing even the smallest of dirt particles from the water. the filter can be easily removed and replaced without any special tools or knowledge.

We provide you with a ground cloth, which you lay out before placing the pool on top. This is to protect the underside of your tub from any stones or sharp items which might pierce or puncture it.

​​​​​​​You will also receive a tarpaulin cover. this is to be used to keep leaves and any other debris from blowing into the pool when not in use. It will also help to maintain the water when you heat it up for use.

You will find the controls really easy to use. the panel features a water temperature control and a function to turn the pump on and off. You can decide whether you want to turn the bubbles on or off.

Just like the intex pools, our hot tubs are really easy to inflate and use. When you are heating the water, place the cover on top until the water reaches the desired temperature.

What if it gets punctured?

This is the big 'what if' and it is the single most important question anyone has about these tubs. They are made from a very strong plastic material, similar to the intex play pools you can buy. Yes, there is always the risk that the pool could be punctured, but a repair kit is available and the repair is really quick and easy to carry out. Just like the intex pools, you simply deflate the pool, dry and clean the area where the damage is and apply the patch. After a short time, the pool can be reinflated, filled with water and the fun can continue. You will reduce the risk of a tare or puncture if you lay it out on the groundsheet provided before inflating.

What do you need to consider when buying a hot tub?

Size - how many people do you want it to hold? And how much space do you have available? If the availability of suitable space is not an issue, you can get hot tubs that will hold from two to eight adults. The larger the hot tub, the greater the price will be. A larger pool will also require more water to fill it and a little more time to warm it.

Space - one of the best things about inflatables is that you can use them inside or out. In winter when the weather is cold, you could use it in the house or garage, and move it back out to a patio or decking when the weather improves. All you need is a space that is slightly larger than the pool - and that it is level and flat. Just make sure there are no sharp items protruding that could cause a puncture.


Plug it in - you need to be able to plug the inflatable hot tub in. This is to power the heater and the air bubble compressor. It plugs into a normal household socket and it comes with a long lead already connected so that extensions cords should not be required.

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