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Premium MSpa CARLTON 6 - Round inflatable hot tub

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Premium MSpa CARLTON 6 - Round inflatable hot tub


6-person round inflatable MSpa hot tub – CARLTON 6 205 cm, PVC, pump, heating, inflation hose, massage hydrojets, 2 filter cartridges, lid and remote control

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    Main features:
    • Latest generation, limited edition spa
    • Hydrojet massage
    • Remote control with timer function
    • Easy to set up - ready to use in 10 minutes
    • Free delivery  on all products

      Free deliveryon all products

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    Product description
    Technical details

    Product description >

    Round inflatable MSpa hot tub – Carlton 6 


    Product features 

    Latest generation, limited edition spa
    Exclusive colour
    Remote control with timer function
    Easy to set up - ready to use in 10 minutes

    Alice’s Garden has worked in partnership with MSpa, a world-leading inflatable spa manufacturer, to bring you the most advanced and affordable range of inflatable hot tubs on the market.

    Our new spas are the result of years of experience, customer feedback, new features and the latest technologies to boost safety, hygiene and efficiency.

    Hot tubs, not just for holidays

    The Carlton 6 inflatable spa is the perfect place to relax, for young and old and everyone in between! Spas and hydrotherapy have many benefits: they help relieve fatigue, muscle pain and stress. With water bubbling at 40 degrees, the Carlton 6 can relieve pressure and stimulate blood circulation. The mental and physical relaxation it offers can also help improve sleep quality. 


    Durable liner and integrated filtering system

    The Carlton 6 spa is resilient and can be installed indoors or outdoors, whichever you'd prefer. The spa lining is made of glossy white PVC and the exterior is made of 6-ply Rhino-Tech ultra-resistant PVC (2), which reduces the risk of punctures to the spa.

    The filtration system is fully integrated into the spa, as both a space-saving technique and to give a more aesthetically pleasing finish. The spa filters provided are made of recyclable polypropylene instead of paper, to ensure both quality and longevity. Even better, when it's time to clean or change the filters, you'll see an alert with the action required. The heating system is made of aluminium-lined ceramic with a polyamide layer for added insulation. The Carlton 6 hot tub is equipped with a Time Delay function, which lets you program the spa to heat up the water up to 99 hours in advance.

    Easy to set up in just 10 minutes 

    This spa is user-friendly and simple to use. The temperature, power on/off, time delay heating function and more are controlled by the waterproof, wired, remote control (3). The integrated self-inflating system makes set up a piece of cake! No tools are needed, it couldn't be easier to get the hot tub ready for use. Within 10 minutes, it's ready to fill up with water. Just plug in the spa, switch on the inflation mode, press a button on the remote control and you'll be ready to go. Once you're done, the drainage system and hose adapter help you to drain your spa easily.  

    The insulated cover is connected to the spa with a clip fastening. It has a textured interior film lining (Micro MSpassima Rhino Tech). 


    Included in the spa set:

    - Pressure gauge
    - Heat retaining mat
    - Cover with clips
    - 2x filter cartridges and bases
    - Inflatable lid
    - Adaptor for drainage hose
    - Inflation hose
    - Instructions
    - Repair kit (patches)


    Complies with the latest European standards
    Usage: Domestic use only
    Warranty: Lining 6 months, electrical parts 1 year

    Additional information

    A dirty filter cartridge can contaminate the water in the spa and damage the heater. We recommend rinsing the filter at least once a week. If it remains dirty and discoloured after rinsing, the filter (and water) should be replaced. 

    Use under adult supervision only.
    Additional filters (MSpa V2: SPA108FILTER), accessories and maintenance products (Bromine, pH etc) are available on our site.

    Technical details >

    Product Details

    • Assembly: The product is very easy to assemble
    • Assembly time: 10 min
    • Colour: Midnight blue
    • Material: PVC
    • Maximum number of users: 6 adults
    • Size: Ø205 cm
    • Shape: Round
    • Water capacity: 930 L
    • Max. temperature: 40 °C
    • Filtration: 1800 L/h
    • Filter: Yes
    • Standards: CE / GS
    • Use: Domestic use only
    • Warranty: Lining 6 months, electronics 1 year


    External dimensions: Ø 204x70cm
    Interior dimensions: Ø 160x70cm
    Filtration: 35W, 1320 litres per hour
    Blower: 600W
    Time delay feature: water heating function can be pre-programmed up to 99 hours in advance.
    Number of air jets: 138 (3 levels)
    Heating: 1500W from 1.2 to 1.8°C / hour
    Remote control features: temperature control, bubbles, heating, filtration, time delay heating and button lock
    Electric cable length: 5m
    Change filter alert 
    Advanced frost protection
    Power cable length: 5m
    White glossy PVC inner liner: very durable material
    Non-slip bottom
    Outer liner: 6-layer reinforced PVC, Rhino-Tech
    Hose connection for water drainage 
    Inflation hose with pressure gauge
    UVC disinfectant (UVC TECH)
    Hydromassage system
    : 6 adjustable hydro jets (3 speeds: 300W / 500W / 720W)
    Self-inflation system: included (remote control)
    Ozone generator (5.5W) / output: 30-50mgr/h
    Additional pickup
    Max water height: 460mm
    Min water height: 440mm

    Supplied with: insulated cover with clips + repair kit (patches) + 2x filter cartridges

    Product dimensions

    • Dimensions of packages

      Package 1: L85xD62xH61 cm - 46kg