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Round trampoline - 10 ft Grey with protective net - Mars Inner - New Design - Garden trampoline with curved tubes 3.05 m |Quality PRO. | EU standards.

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    New design

    Tubes incurvés

    We have created a brand new trampoline model for your use. With its curved tubes, it is resolutely modern and design



    The safety of the young and the elderly is one of our main concerns. This trampoline therefore complies with the latest safety guidelines. It meets the EN71-14 + A1: 2018 / EN71-1 + A1: 2018 / EN71-2 + A1: 2014 / EN71-3 + A3: 2018 standards.


    Coussin de protection

    The protective cushion is 18mm thick (expanded polyethylene foam) and 21cm wide. It minimizes the risk of scratches in the event of a fall.

    Filet de sécurité

    The safety net, 1.80m high from the jump mat, secures use and prevents falls from the trampoline. Well thought out, this net mesh 6x6 millimeters is reclosable with a zipper. The latter is yellow, to quickly identify the exit in case of emergency.
    The net is located inside the jump zone, which ensures optimum safety. Once inside the trampoline, access to the springs is impossible when the net is closed.

    Poteaux recouverts de mousse

    The posts of the net are surrounded by moss. This ensures additional protection against injuries.

    Pied en W

    The trampoline offers excellent stability thanks to the 4 W-shaped legs it has. These are attached to the frame.


    it's solid

    Structure trampoline

    Alice's garden garden trampolines are robust! Their structure is hot-dip galvanized steel. It is therefore stainless inside and out. This is essential for the longevity of the trampoline. This structure offers you optimum resistance to negative temperatures and humidity.

    The circular structure of the trampoline is fixed thanks to T-sections, 2mm thick. This system avoids welding and helps to withstand the vibrations produced by jumps.

    The thickness of the tubes plays a key role in the strength of the structure. Those of this trampoline have a diameter of 38mm and a thickness of 1.35mm.



    Toile de saut

    This trampoline offers excellent flexibility and jump dynamics thanks to the jumping frame made of polypropylene (Permatron) manufactured in the United States. Indeed, the US know-how in canvas has been recognized for a very long time.

    Ressorts trampoline

    The number of conical springs is not a coincidence. It is designed so that the carpet is supple and bouncy. There are 60 Alice's Garden conical springs hot dip galvanized, which is a guarantee of quality. Their length is ideal: 14,5cm. This type of spring is ideal for children so that they can gain confidence and improve themselves gently.


    Kit d’ancrage trampoline Alice’s Garden


    To guarantee more stability when children jump and prevent the trampoline from flying in the event of strong gusts of wind, it is imperative to ballast it or fix it on the ground with an anchoring kit. Find it in our complete kit of accessories for your trampoline including: a ladder, a tarpaulin, a storage net for shoes and an anchoring kit.

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    Technical details >

    Product Details

    • Assembly: The product is very easy to assemble
    • Size: Ø305 cm
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material of the springs: Galvanised conical springs
    • Number of springs: 60
    • Mesh of the safety net: 6x6 mm
    • Max. load capacity: 100 kg
    • Max. load capacity with anchor kit: 150 kg
    • Standards: EN71-14 + A1 : 2018 / EN71-1+ A1 : 2018 / EN71-2 + A1 : 2014 / EN71-3 +A3 : 2018
    • Use: domestic use only
    • Warranty: 2 years

    Outside diameter: Ø3,03m
    Height floor / frame: 76cm
    Jump mat: Ø261cm
    Cushion protection: Width 24cm, thickness 18mm (expanded polyethylene foam)
    Springs: 60 (conical, hot dip galvanized), length: 14,5cm (28 rings).
    Tubes: Ø38mm (thickness: 1,35mm)

    Safety net structure (hot-dip galvanized): Ø25mm tubes (thickness: 1,1mm)
    Height: 1,80m (from the jumping mat)
    Material: Polyethylene
    Security: zipper, yellow, to quickly identify the exit in case of emergency

    Reserved for family use.
    The supervision of an adult is necessary
    No dangerous jumps
    Always close the opening of the net before jumping
    Read the instructions
    Minimum space requirement of 2 meters around and above the trampoline.
    Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
    Max 150 kg if the trampoline is maintained by an anchoring kit
    Outdoor use only
    Only one user at a time. Risk of collision.
    It is recommended to replace the net every 5 years or when it is damaged.
    It is imperative to ballast or fix your trampoline permanently to avoid a risk of instability and wind resistance.
    This trampoline can stay outdoors all year round, protected by a tarpaulin.

    Product dimensions

    • Dimensions of packages

      Package 1: L130.5xD57xH19 cm - 28.3kg

      Package 2: L96xD36xH9.5 cm - 8.5kg

    MARS INNER Round trampoline - 10 ft Grey with internal safety net - Mars Inner -  New Design - Garden trampoline with curved tubes 3.05 m

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