Complete pool maintenance kit


Complete pool maintenance kit


Complete pool maintenance kit, pool cleaning and water treatment, with vacuum, skim net, pH, thermometer for ALL of our swimming pools

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    Complete pool maintenance kit, maintenance kit

    Our maintenance kit will help you maintain and clean your pool with ease. This maintenance kit contains:
    - Surface skim net 
    - Manual vacuum brush (connect to garden hose)
    - 122cm long telescopic handle with attachment clips
    - Floating thermometer with cord
    - Floating chlorine diffuser (for Ø 2.5cm chlorine tablet, not included)
    - Water test strips 

    The surface skim net allows you to remove debris (leaves, insects or any other impurity) from the surface of the water. 
    With its brush and rubbish bag, the manual vacuum brush lets you clean the bottom of your pool effectively and without a fuss. It connects to a garden hose.
    Included in the kit is a long telescopic handle that clips onto the skim net or vacuum brush.
    A white floating thermometer (in °C and °F) is also included in this kit. A cord allows you to attach and thus easily retrieve the thermometer.
    Water treatment is an essential part of keeping your pool water clean. To ensure products enter the water uniformly and progressively, use the floating diffuser.
    For water quality monitoring, use the 3-in-1 test strips to measure free chlorine, pH and total alkalinity. Quick and easy to use: simply dip a strip in the water for one second before removing it. You can then compare the colour of the strip to the attached colour chart.

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    Product Details

    • Type: Water maintenance
    • Use: domestic use only
    • Warranty: 2 years

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      Package 1: L34xD49xH8.5 cm - 1kg