Burdigala 3x6

Burdigala: Foldable marquee / garden gazebo tent 100% waterproof 3x6m with metal connectors and 180g/m² canopy – 18m²

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    Product features

    100% waterproof
    3m x 6m
    Reinforced steel frame covered in epoxy paint
    Reinforced metal connectors
    Sturdy marquee with entirely metal frame, including connectors
    White canopy held taut with elastic
    Fully closable tent
    Large door with zip

    The Burdigala is an attractive 18m² garden party marquee or party gazebo. Its canopy is perfect for sheltering your guests during parties without completely blocking the sunlight. In fact, it comes with side openings and translucent windows. This practical tent adapts to your needs, as it can close completely with the curtains provided.

    This outdoor party tent is sturdy thanks to its reinforced steel frame and metal connectors, which guarantee easier maintenance.

    Useful features

    The garden gazebo with sides or marquee can be closed fully with the help of the curtains provided
    The 2 side panels are removable and are made up of one piece only
    The gazebo party tent's feet provided are pre-drilled, so that they can be fixed to the ground with the pegs provided.

    Extra information

    We recommend counting one person per m² in order to calculate the number of guests you can accommodate. The product is delivered with an assembly kit and its different pieces are numbered to ensure quick and easy assembly. Guaranteed against manufacturing faults under normal use. The canopy is waterproof, however water can collect on top of the roof which can damage the structure. Damage caused by the weather or the misuse of the product will not be covered by the warranty. These large party gazebos are designed for one-off event use (weddings,, parties, etc.) and cannot be used as a permanent storage space.

    Technical details >

    Product Details

    • Assembly: The product is very easy to assemble
    • Colour: White
    • Frame colour: White
    • Fabric material: 100% Polyethylene
    • Material of the connectors: Reinforced metal
    • Frame material: Reinforced tubular steel, covered in epoxy paint
    • Area: 18 m²
    • Density: 120 g/m²
    • Roof density: 180 g/m²
    • Feet diameter: 32 mm
    • Reinforcement tubes diameter: 32 mm
    • Roof bars diameter: 32 mm
    • Water resistance: Yes, waterproof
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Use: domestic use only



    1 package: 280.5x35x18cm (29.5kg)

    Area: 18 m²

    Canvas density (sides): 120 g/m²

    Canvas density (roof): 180 g/m²

    Assembly: Self-assembly. 

    Number of packages: 1

    Burdigala: Foldable party tent 3x6m with metal connectors and 180g/m² canopy – 18m²

    Product dimensions

    • Dimensions of packages

      Package 1: L196xl24.5xh14.5 cm - 24kg

      Package 2: L60.5xl45xh30.5 cm - 14.1kg