60 LED 420 lumen water resistant solar floodlight white motion detect

60 LED 420 lumen solar floodlight in warm white, with motion detector, outdoor waterproof light, lithium battery, self-contained solar charging spot, detection wall light

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    Product features

    Powerful floodlight, 420 lumen,
    Adjustable motion detector,
    Separate solar panel,
    Lithium battery!

    This LED floodlight is perfect for lighting up a house or garden or path and to light up an entrance, is self-contained and runs on battery power. This lets you place it where you want it without worrying about electrical connection.  This ecological and economical light charges with solar energy. It is equipped with a solar panel linked to the floodlight by a 5m detachable cable. This lets you place the solar panel in the optimal position for the sunlight. It is therefore possible to install your floodlight in a dark area or inside and to place the photovoltaic module in a suitable place.

    The lamp has 2 modes: permanent or automatic switch on. With the first mode, the LED lights up at night and switches off in the day time. The automatic mode works by the light being activated upon detection of movement. It is possible to adjust the detection sensitivity and on and off timing for the automatic mode. The battery lasts for 8 hours depending on the chosen mode and the frequency of motion detection.
    The solar panel can be fixed to a wall or planted in the garden. The lamp is therefore delivered with a removable stake, pins and screws.

    The polycrystalline photovoltaic panel has a large surface area in order to store solar energy and efficiently charge the lithium battery. It only needs 8 hours for a full charge depending on the brightness of the sunlight and the position of the panel. The battery charges even when the device is turned off.

    The shell is black aluminium. It is resistant to rust, weather, temperature changes and UV. The lamp is designed to meet standard IP65 and is water and dust resistant. It withstands showers and splashes, but it is not fully waterproof.

    Technical specifications

    Shell material: Black aluminium floodlight, black ABS solar panel and sensor,
    anti-UV, shock proof
    LED: 60 SMD (3528)
    Luminous capacity: 420lm (Lumens) max.
    Photovoltaic panel: 9V, 3W, in polycrystalline silicon
    Battery: Li-Ion 7,4V (2000mAh), Lithium Ion Cells 18650 2Ah
    Charge time: Approx. 8 hours weather dependent
    Battery life: Up to 8 hours in detection mode/4 in permanent lighting
    Lighting modes: Automatic - motion/dusk detection - lights up at night
    Motion detector (Auto mode): Adjustable from 2 to 8 metres
    Light detection (Auto mode): Trigger setting according to ambient brightness
    Lighting duration (Auto mode): Adjusting the lighting time of 5 seconds to 7 minutes 15 seconds
    Fixture: Wall mount, screws and pins supplied
    Automatic dusk detector
    LED life time: 50,000 hours
    Consumption: 3.6W (0.06W by SMD)


    IP65- splash and dust resistant

    Further information

    This model is available in cool white (6000-6500K) or warm white (yellow - 2800-3200K).
    You can find other Alice's Garden models in our online catalogue.

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