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14ft Trampoline with Accessories Kit - Venus

  • 2 year  Warranty

    2 yearWarranty

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    Free deliveryon all products

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14ft Trampoline with Accessories Kit - Venus


14ft Trampoline with Safety Net & Accessories Kit - Grey - PRO Quality EU Standards

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    • Blue  / Ø14 ft
    • Grey  / Ø14 ft
    Main features:
    • Sturdy stainless-steel frame
    • The safety net and protective cushion ensure optimum safety
    • Accessories included
    • Quality and durability of the trampoline ensured by the springs
    • 2 year  Warranty

      2 yearWarranty

    • Free delivery  on all products

      Free deliveryon all products

    • 100% Secure

      100% Secure

    • Our customers  love us

      Our customerslove us

    Product description
    Technical details
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    Product description >

    Alice's Garden spécialiste des trampolines

    Alice's Garden is a trampoline specialist in the UK and Europe. 

    Thanks to our know-how and customer satisfaction, Alice’s Garden has sold over 300 000 trampolines in the last 7 years! Each one of our trampolines is tested and approved by our European team.

    Do you want to give your kids a present but can't think of anything that will surprise them? Well, even if it's hard to believe, there are still activities kids can enjoy that do not involve technology. Gifting your kids a trampoline is not only an opportunity for them to have fun but to exercise as well.
    If you are looking for something to encourage your children to exercise, this trampoline is an excellent option to start doing it at home. It is suitable for those who already exercise regularly and a great way to start for those to have not built up the habit yet.


    Along with the instruction manual provided with the trampoline, you can also watch the video in the link below to assist you in assembling the trampoline:



    14ft Trampoline with Safety Net & Accessories Kit



    Dimensions to bear in mind


    When choosing a trampoline it is important to consider the space available in your garden. In addition to the 430cm for the trampoline, there is a safety requirement of 50cm empty space on all sides. In other words, the total space required for a 430 trampoline is 530cm.




    Safety of young and old is of the utmost importance to Alice's Garden. All of our trampolines are compliant with current EU safety directives.

    Coussin de protection trampoline Alice’s Garden

    Filet de sécurité trampoline Alice’s Garden


    The protective cushion helps minimise the risk of scratches in the event of a fall.




    The safety net is closable with clips and zip to prevents falls. The yellow zip on the safety net helps you to easily find the exit in the event of an emergency. The U-shaped feet offer stability and allow the trampoline to be fixed to the ground. 





    Ressorts trampoline Alice’s Garden

    Our trampolines offer incredible suppleness and bounce thanks to the polypropylene (Permatron) jumping mat. The trampoline can be freely moved and re-positioned in your garden.

    The jumping mat is held by high-quality conical springs. This trampoline has 80 galvanized steel spring which ensures quality and durability.



    Structure tubulaire Alice’s Garden

    All Alice's Garden trampolines are strong, sturdy and easily assembled. The stainless-steel frame ensures durability and endurance to outdoor conditions.

    The frame's T-connectors are square and they interlock. Each T-connector is welded and screwed together to maintain longevity and sturdiness.


    Kit d’ancrage trampoline Alice’s Garden

    alice's advice:

    We recommend that you fix the trampoline to the ground using the anchor kit. This will make it much more stable when your kids are jumping around and will prevent the trampoline from flipping over in case there are strong winds. We sell the kit separately or as a bundle with the trampoline (see our XXL models



    Technical details >

    Product Details

    • Assembly: The product is very easy to assemble
    • Size: Ø14 ft
    • Colour: Grey
    • Mesh of the safety net: 6x6 mm
    • Max. load capacity: 100 kg
    • Standards: EN71-14. / EN71-1. / EN71-2. / EN71-3
    • Use: Domestic use only
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Maximum age: None
    • Minimum age: 3
    • Edge pillow thickness: 20 mm
    • Maximum number of users: 1

    Jumping mat: Polypropylene (Permatron) manufactured in the USA.
    Standards: EN71-14 + A1 : 2018 / EN71-1+ A1 : 2018 / EN71-2 + A1 : 2014 / EN71-3 +A3 : 2018
    Circular tubes: Ø42mm (width : 1.40mm)
    Springs: 80 hot-dip galvanised conical springs, length: 14.5cm
    Assembly: Self assembly


    Diameter: 14ft / 430cm
    Height ground - mat: 80cm
    Jumping mat diameter: 384cm
    Protective cusions: width 28cm, thickness 20mm.
    Connectors: T connectors (2mm thickness)


    Warning. No dangerous jumps.
    Warning. Always close the net opening before jumping.
    Warning. Read the instructions.
    Warning. Minimum space requirement of 2 metres around and above the trampoline.
    Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months: risk of falling and suffocation (small parts may be swallowed).
    Warning. This trampoline is intended for children aged 3 to 12 years old. 
    Warning. Max 100kg
    Warning. It should only be used under adult supervision.
    Warning. This product is intended for outdoor family use only. It cannot be used in schools, campsites, hotels, public places etc...
    Warning. Only one user at a time as there is a risk of collision.
    Warning. It is recommended to replace the net every 5 years or if it is damaged.
    Warning. It is imperative to weigh down or fix your trampoline permanently to the ground to avoid the risk of instability or being swept away by the wind.

    Product dimensions

    • Dimensions of packages

      Package 1: L171.5xD40.5xH14.5 cm - 24.6kg

      Package 2: L95xD20.5xH8.5 cm - 4.3kg

      Package 3: L167xD45.5xH22.5 cm - 27.6kg

      Package 4: L110xD37.5xH14 cm - 16.9kg

    Venus XXL 14ft Trampoline with Safety Net & Accessories Kit - Grey  - PRO Quality EU Standards

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