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13-14 seater rattan garden furniture large sofa set table, black weave. Ready assembled conservatory furniture

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    Tripoli 13-14 seater, large sofa set with table

    Our trendy Tripoli sofa set can adapt to large terraces of all styles. This is the biggest garden sofa set on offer at Alice's Garden. It can accommodate 14 people comfortably so you can enjoy those precious outdoor moments with the whole family.


    Style and Comfort

    rattan shot


    Polyrattan is a resistant, on-trend material that creates modern garden sets. Polyrattan is similar to natural rattan and gives the Tripoli set an elegant and designer look. This allows you to set up this sofa set either inside or outside. The grey / grey Tripoli offers the utmost comfort with its 12cm-thick armrests and backrests. Its padded cushions make this piece as comfortable as an indoor sofa.


    The Tripoli comes with a pack of 14 connectors so that you can attach the various modules together. The bound edges of the cushions guarantee a chic look.


    Quality Materials


    Alice's Garden carefully selects the best-quality materials to weave its furniture. That is why the Tripoli is exceptionally durable! Alice's Garden rattan stands up to the sun's rays and poor weather (snow/rain/salt water). The cushions have removable covers and are water-resistant. This means they can withstand small splashes and drizzle, however we recommend storing them inside when there is heavy rain.



    To guarantee maximum sturdiness, the frame of the garden sofa set is made from reinforced aluminium (which, by nature, does not rust). Aluminium frames are also lighter than steel ones. The tops of the coffee tables are made from 5mm-thick toughened glass, which is 5 times stronger than traditional glass.


    Product Features


    • Already assembled, ready to be used!
    • Accommodates plenty of guests (12-14 seats)
    • Padded backrests for optimum comfort
    • Gorgeous cushions with bound edges
    • Light, sturdy aluminium structure
    • Connectors included
    • Adjustable – assemble your garden set however you want!

    We offer a cover compatible with the Tripoli that protects it from the elements and winter weather. Click here to see it in our online catalogue.
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    Technical details >

    Product Details

    • Colour: Black
    • Seat color: Grey
    • Material: Polyrattan
    • Frame material: Reinforced aluminium
    • Material of the cushion cover: Polyester
    • Number of seats: 14
    • Use: domestic use only
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Download user guide Tripoli


    2x Chairs without armrests L70xD82xH67cm
    2x Benches : L151.5xD82xH67cm
    1x angled chairs L82xD82xH67cm
    2x  individual armchair : L94xD82xH67cm
    1x coffee table : L93.5xD64xH34,5cm
    1x Side table: L40xD40xH60,5cm
    3x footrests  : L70xD70xH30,5cm


    Product dimensions

    • Dimensions of packages

      Package 1: L96xD96xH71 cm - 31.2kg

      Package 2: L96xD96xH71 cm - 31.2kg

      Package 3: L84xD84xH69 cm - 23.6kg

      Package 4: L165xD96xH69 cm - 46.6kg

      Package 5: L96xD66xH43 cm - 12.6kg

    Tripoli 13-14 seater rattan garden sofa set – Tripoli black / grey

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