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Playing on a trampoline is an outdoor activity that children love. Are you looking for an affordable trampoline? Alice's Garden offers you a high-quality selection, with fast delivery and at the best price, equipped with an enclosure from 245 to 490 cm in stainless steel. This means that our trampoline equipment and accessories are safe and allow everyone to have fun in complete safety. For even more fun, you can also install a swing or a basketball hoop.

Our amazing range of trampolines is certain to get your children and the whole family excited about playing outdoors. As a sport, trampolining has been popular over the past 15 years – mostly at home in the garden. But with the arrival of the indoor trampoline parks in the last few years – it’s become hugely popular. It makes for an exciting and fun day out and often a great idea for your children’s birthday party.

How to choose the best trampoline for your garden

Rather than travel to a trampoline park, why not have one of your own in the garden and use it for free wheneger you want ? There is a huge range of different models to choose from. There are lots of different sizes available and although they may seem similar, they differ in strength and durability, as well as 'bounceability'.

Regardless of the shape and size of your garden, you're sure to find a model that will suit your needs. There are a lot of different trampolines to compare, so we've provided some helpful information for you to consider before making your choice.


How do you choose the best trampoline model to suit your family?

With a wide range of models to choose from, here are a few things you might consider. Trampolines are available from 8 feet diameter to 16 feet in size. We recommend that you allow for approximately 2m of space all around the outside of your trampoline. You’ll need to consider the size of your garden and the space you have available.

How many children do you have? You can bet that they will all want to bounce on it together, so make sure that the model you choose provides adequate space for them to bounce safely.

What age are your children? Small children being small and light, won’t need as much room, and the lower spring strength will make it easier for them to bounce higher. Older children will prefer the bigger models – because there’s more room to do backflips, play dodgeball and somersaults. You should compare the models with the stronger springs – they provide more bounce for big kids and adults.

Here is some important info you should know before choosing your trampoline

Better quality trampolines have galvanised metal parts and springs. This means that they last much longer than those that don’t. For safety, the better quality models have thicker padding to cover the metal parts and bars – to prevent bumps and bruises.

Every model we supply uses the galvanised, long lasting parts and as safety is our top priority – you’ll find extra deep padding too. Please see the individual models for full info.

The more springs that are included, the stronger the trampoline. Our larger models are designed with older children and adults in mind and are suitable for several children to play on in safety within the enclosure.

What are the benefits of owning a trampoline?

Do your kids enjoy going to the trampoline parks? These big parks have become very popular for birthday parties and events (but they make you sign a waiver before letting you play!). Having one in your garden means that your children can go to their own park every day! It’s a gear way to entertain for birthday parties and any family events you have at home.

It's a great way to get your children outdoors and have fun.

When you have a trampoline in your garden, you'll never hear those dreaded "I'm bored" words again. Children love to bounce - the higher the better. It's a great way to entertain at parties and events without having to book a bouncy castle or entertainer. No need to book a trampolining session in one of the big parks or sign a waiver. Have your own party at home.

It has been proven that trampolining not only helps to get children active and healthy, but it also helps to develop important coordination skills. Playing outdoors on a trampoline provides families with endless hours of fun and fresh air.

Trampoline is a fun and exciting sport. Children don't need any special skills or abilities to take part. No gets left out. It's also a great way for your children to build self-confidence. It provides endless hours of fun and laughter. Pretty soon, your children will be doing tricks and twirls, back-flips and somersaults. "Watch me and see how high I can bounce" is what you'll hear!

And there are more options to entertain the children at parties - have them try dodgeball. Its easy, fun and no rules - just play!

Get fit and lose weight at home

Trampolining at the trampoline park or at home is a great way to exercise. Its a really fun workout. Spending 20-30 minutes bouncing is a great alternative to going to the gym or running on the road or walking in the parks. Trampolining is low impact, cardio exercise and it gets you outside in the fresh air. It gets your heart pumping. You'll get fit while you have fun. And it's a great way to burn fat without the need for gym membership.

It's low impact exercise - which means it doesn't cause hip and knee joint problems that runners often experience.

If you can spend 20 minutes a day bouncing, you'll quickly see the health benefits. Before you know it, you'll look great and feel better.

Bouncing on a trampoline has many benefits for all, including:

  • Burn off that excess energy
  • Happier healthier children that sleep better after exercise
  • A great way to get fit and healthy
  • Low impact exercise that’s easy on your joints
  • Have fun while exercising in your garden
  • Children love to bounce!
  • Low price exercice !
  • Fun time for all !


Additional info about trampolines

We have a huge range of models and accessories always in stock and ready to deliver. Please note that we recommend that you fix to the ground using ground anchors. Please check if a ground anchor kit is included with your chosen model when ordering. Additional ground anchor kits are available to order separately if required.

At Alice’s Garden, you can be sure to find the perfect model to suit your family needs. Our range of models and trampolining accessories starts with a 6ft junior trampoline with net, suitable for small children over 3 years old. The 6ft model will comfortably fit into even the smallest of gardens. Our largest 16ft model is suitable for big children and adults alike.

The maximum user weight for Alice’s Garden trampolines is 150kgs/330lbs. This makes our larger models suitable for children and adults alike – fun for everyone. 

All springs and bars on the frame are covered with a generous PU padding. All trampoline models include a 2m high perimeter net around the perimeter to prevent falls or accidents. All our models exceed the European standards because we want you and your children to bounce safely. 
Please note that the assembly information book is provided in the packaging. Also, note that the unassembled units contain small parts – so keep away from small children. Small parts can cause choking hazards.

You can book the delivery of your new trampoline to arrive on a day that suits you. Get one in time for your next party!


What is a waiver?

If you have ever been to one of the big trampoline parks for parties, you'll already know that they will ask parents or guardians to read their info and sign a waiver book before the children are allowed in to play on the trampolines. Ever wonder why? A waiver is a document that you sign to confirm that you understand the risks of injury and safety that exist. You are stating that you understand and that if a child becomes injured through horseplay or bad behaviour - you may not claim damages on the business insurance. If you have hired a bouncy castle for your garden events, you will have had to sign one too.

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