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Particularly popular with children, playgrounds are among their favourite activities: slides, swings, seesaws. They allow them to have fun and spend hours in the fresh air. It's ideal for letting off steam. Alice's Garden offers you quality furniture and toys at the best price, with free delivery, in order to transform your garden into an ideal outdoor play area for children and adults. For even more fun, you can also install a children's playhouse.

Alice's Garden Tips

How to choose a swing or a slide?

There is a wide choice of children's play equipment to install in the garden: swing set, seesaws, slides. Here are some tips on how to compare swings and slides:



Swing sets are products for children aged 3 to 12 years old. Equipped with swings, and other equipment (ropes, trapezes, rings, ladders, etc.), they can accommodate several children at the same time and provide a variety of games. The playgrounds can accommodate 1 to 6 people, depending on the model chosen. Swings are available in different materials.

Wooden swing set and swing set

The wooden swing is well suited for outdoor use. Its more aesthetic and natural look will fit perfectly into your garden. To keep it in good condition for as long as possible, it should be maintained regularly. A wooden swing requires more maintenance comparing with a metal swing. Alice's Garden offers a selection of affordable wooden swing sets and free delivery.

Metal swings and gantries

Easier to assemble and move, the metal swing set is perfect if you are looking for an inexpensive swing. Metal swing sets require very little maintenance: epoxy-painted metal frame to protect against corrosion, galvanised steel hardware. The seats and ropes, made of plastic and synthetic respectively, are rot-proof. All these elements guarantee a long life for the metal gantries.



The garden slide is a popular outdoor game for children to enjoy in the garden. Easy to install, it is suitable for gardens with less space as it is smaller than a swing set. There are many criteria to consider when making the right choice:

- The age of the child: before the age of 4, we recommend using a single wave slide of measured length (1 to 2 m). After 4 years, you can opt for a double wave slide for more excitement.

- The weight of the child: this parameter should also be taken into consideration when buying a slide for safe use.

- The material: it's up to you to decide what is most important to you in terms of maintenance, aesthetics, etc.

At Alice's Garden, you will easily find a cheap slide with free delivery to offer your children safe play experiences.


How to install and maintain a play structure?


When installing your play structure, it is recommended that you leave a safety perimeter of 2 metres around the play area, especially for play structures. You can also place cushioning tiles under the gates or at the exit of a slide. This will limit accidents and injuries. In addition, it is essential to anchor gantries with several apparatus to the ground. The anchors supplied with Alice's Garden swings must be fixed to the concrete per the instructions in the user manual.


Wooden swing sets require very regular maintenance, unlike metal swing sets. The latter is much easier to maintain, which is very practical. Indeed, they are lighter and easier to assemble. In addition, they are designed to be weatherproof and do not require any particular maintenance.

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