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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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In our catalogue, you will find football cages, basketball baskets, ping pong tables and inflatable stand up paddle. Find a sport that suits you and have fun with family or friends outdoors.

We all know by now that doing sport is a big part of leading and maintaining a healthy life. Our products enable you to keep fit and active whilst enjoying yourself, after all, sport should be fun. 


Make the most of your trips to the beach, lakes or rivers with our inflatable stand up paddle boards. Lighter and much more practical than a rigid SUP board, they’re the perfect choice for beginners. They inflate quickly and can be easily transported thanks to their carry cases which are included with your purchase. Stand-up paddle has a number of benefits. As well as being fun, stand up paddle gives you a low impact, full-body workout which helps to tone and strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, and lets you get that cardio in without stepping foot in the gym! 

 Made using the latest  Drop-Stitch technology, the board is extremely sturdy. The stand-up paddle boards are sold with a range of accessories including a high-pressure pump, a paddle, a leash, a carry case and a repair kit.

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