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Sun loungers

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Are you looking for comfortable and stylish sun loungers? Alice's Garden has beautiful patio and decking furniture to give a holiday look to your garden as soon as the sunny days come again. You'll find the perfect lounger here!



Are you on the lookout for a new set of sun loungers? Are you looking for the perfect lounger to take an afternoon nap under a shade tree? Want to get comfy so you can enjoy your favourite book? You are sure to find the perfect one at Alice's. We will help you relax with style and comfort this season.

The days of lumpy, slippy or just plain uncomfortable recliners are long gone. Inspired by the latest beauty spots from around the world, our range of loungers include wooden models, metal, and rattan designs. As soon as the sun starts to shine, we would all love to put our feet up and relax and soak it all up! We want to help you savour every relaxing, laid back moment. Here's some useful information to help you choose the perfect sunloungers for you.

How to choose a sun lounger.

There is little better than finding a comfortable lounger or garden chair to relax in and enjoy a few hours soaking up the summer sunshine. Maybe it is because they remind us of being on holiday. Stretched out by the pool, warm sunshine on your face and a gentle breeze to keep you cool and fresh. who wouldn't want to be reminded of this? Well, you can have your own little paradise on the patio when you have comfy reclining seating or lounge accessories to stretch out on.

What types of sun loungers are available?

There are many types to choose from. You can get the rigid PVC models - the types that you often see on holiday surrounding the pools. These are also available with adjustable backrest - that allow you to incline the backrest, for a little-added comfort. These PVC models are stackable so that you can place one on top of another when not in use, but they still take up a large space and may cause storage problems for you.

For a quality look and feel, wooden versions of the furniture are also available. If you are going to buy in wood, then look for those made from teak s it retains it's rich look and is easy to maintain. Just apply a fresh coat of teak oil ones every year and they will last a lifetime. These wooden models can be quite heavy, and they can be a little cumbersome to maneuver. You will also need to use a cushion with the wooden type for comfort, as they will be quite hard for lying on without them.

Aluminium and Rattan sun loungers.

At Alice's Garden, we have more beautiful products and accessories available for you. Our aluminium and textile lounger has a modern and stylish look. They are incredibly comfortable to stretch out and relax on. They have the added advantage of being really light weight (so they are easy to move around and stack), yet they are really strong. The aluminium frame means that they do not corrode - so they are maintenance free too. The Textile used  allows any rain to pass through and is quick drying. These loungers are stackable and because of the materials they are made from, you don't need to worry about storing them, as they will be just fine if you choose to leave them outdoor on the patio over winter.

Made from a rattan material, out lounge seats with matching foot stools bring a classis charm and beauty to your garden or patio. Supplied with matching cushions, these are possibly the most comfortable seating you could have in your garden. The rattan is light weight, making them easy to move around and they will look great out on the decking or inside in the conservatory during the winter months.

Because the lounger chair is supplied with a separate (over sized) foot stool, you can use this outdoor furniture for dining as well as reclining.

What is the benefit of this garden furniture?

Whether you decide upon a sun lounger or a chair with a stool to recline on, it's a personal choice. Everyone loves to spend some time relaxing in the sun. Not only is it good for your physical health (after all we need sunshine to produce vitamin D), but it is good for your mind too. Everyone feels that little bit better when the sun shines. And it's also good to take a little time to relax and destress. Wouldn't you love a comfy chair or lounger to stretch out on? Whether you have a decked space, a patio or a nice spot in your garden where the sunshine is just perfect, garden furniture just might be one of those accessories that you won't want to be without?

Flexible outdoor furniture

If space is an issue, then it might be worth considering the rattan chairs with the footstools. These chairs are really comfortable to stretch out on. Although they don't allow you to lay completely horizontally, they do enable you to recline to a degree. We love these products because they serve the dual purpose of sun-loungers and dining furniture. Add to that, the look as just good inside your home as they do outdoor on the patio, decking or garden. So this may eliminate storage worries also?

Essential outdoor accessories

The benefits of spending more time outdoor in the sun are well established. It's good for your mind as well as your body. Here are a few accessories that we think are essential to help you enjoy it more. You should relax more and try to forget about the stress from your day. Many of us have long commutes to and from work. Stretch out on a lounger and give your back a break. Having a barbecue with friends and family is a fun part of outdoor living. In addition to having something to cook on, other accessories include table and chairs and some lighting. If space is a little tight, maybe you would like chairs that double up as a lounger during the day, yet are very comfortable for dining on in the evening? Maybe some feature or mood lighting from our store will turn your garden into a haven of tranquillity in the evenings and at night too? There are storage boxes to match the furniture and provide easy storage for all your accessories.


Lastly, just a quick reminder that Alice's Garden provides you with free shipping and delivery for your lounger and accessories.

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