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Every garden needs beautiful chair and table sets to create the perfect relaxing outdoor retreat - regardless of what the weather brings us! Whether you are looking for seating, garden table and chairs, outdoor lighting or storage - Alice's Garden has everything your heart desires!

It has been said that buying garden furniture is a little bit like going on a holiday. When we go out to buy it, we dream of lovely warm, sunny days, and long, warm evenings. We associate holidays with beautiful weather and when we but garden furniture, we imagine ourselves enjoying the warm summer sun in our gardens.

You'll find garden tables of every shape, size, and colour here!

Are you looking for a new table so you can enjoy your morning coffee on your patio? Maybe you love dining on your decking in the long summer evenings? One thing is for sure, if you are looking to buy a new table and chairs, you will want something that not only looks great but is comfortable and long lasting, right?

At Alice's, you'll find a terrific new range of furniture and accessories to make your outdoor living dreams, a reality.

How to choose the best garden table

If you are looking to relax and get cosy, our fantastic range of tables and chairs will suit your style. We have something for every budget and all your outside lifestyle needs. Whether you have a lovely shaded area on your lawn, a patio or a decking, our garden tables will fit your space perfectly.

When you are deciding on a garden table, chairs and accessories, consider where you will be placing it. Will it be positioned on a hard surface - such as a paved terrace or on a decking? Certain chairs and tables have quite small legs that would sink into a lawn and become unsteady. These models are better suited to hard surfaces for that reason.

Do you intend to use the table and chairs for dining on, or just to relax and lounge upon? and lastly - how many people do you need to be able to seat at any given time?

How to protect your table and chairs in winter?

Garden furniture is also known as patio furniture. It is designed specifically for outdoor use and is made from weather resistant materials, such as aluminium, galvanised steel, poly rattan and canvas - which will not rust or rot.All our tables and benches are built with a strong and long lasting metal or aluminium frame.

It is not necessary for you to have to move our range of tables and chairs into storage during the winter. The materials that we have manufactured them from is designed to resist the British winter weather. Seat covers and other accessories can be kept in one of the storage boxes, and you can use a protective canvas cover to protect your table and chairs from falling leaves and general dirt.

If you choose a table and chairs that are very light, take care that the wind does not blow them over and cause damage - to themselves or any accessories nearby.

What style of garden table and chairs do you need?

Our expert designers have brought you a level of outdoor comfort that you would expect to find at home in your kitchen.

Many of us love to entertain, or maybe just relax outside during the warm summer evenings. It doesn't matter whether you have a small balcony or a large country lawn. Choosing the right table and chairs will outside space, making them into a place that we can enjoy whenever the weather allows.

If you are planning to create a space to chill out and relax on outside, then one of the lounge sets may be just what you are looking for. If you intend to dine outside more often, then maybe a traditional table and chair set will be more appropriate.

How to choose the best furniture material.

Metallic furniture makes for a great value option. It is durable and strong and the designs are modern and elegant. Even though it is strong, it is quite light weight and can be moved around easily. Our chairs and tables are available in both steel and aluminium. The aluminium is weather resistant. Choose models that are galvanised as they require very little maintenance.

Rattan furniture adds a fresh and modern styling and offers great flexibility in terms of functionality, use, and its design. Rattan is available in a variety of weaves to mimic natural woven wicker, but at the same time, it is much lighter and long lasting. The most popular material is a poly rattan which is weather resistant - therefore ideal for our changeable British weather. Rattan tables, benches and chairs are very easy to clean and maintain and will look great in even the smallest spaces.

To help you buy online with confidence, we provide you with a full two years guarantee on all our items and accessories (excluding cushions).

You will also save more money when you buy from Alice's, as we provide you with free delivery on all products purchased.


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