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Garden sofa sets

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A garden sofa is a great way to help you create an inviting area in your garden. In aluminium, teak, wood, rattan or polyrattan, you will find that an outdoor sofa set is a great way to bring the comfort that you are used to having inside your home to the outside. For your garden or balcony, Alice's Garden offers you quality garden furniture at the best price. Create an open air living space where you can entertain family and friends, or just relax quietly and listen to the birds or the wind in the trees. Gather everyone together for dinner or just to chat and make more time to enjoy the warm summer evenings.

Alice's Garden Tips

Don’t settle for a hard old bench! Get a comfortable new garden sofa set instead.


In the past, garden furniture was designed more for rugged durability than for comfort and style. That is no longer the case. Our new outdoor seating designs bring you modern style and beauty, with the level of comfort that you would expend from your living room sofa. For your garden or balcony, Alice's Garden offers you quality garden furniture at the best price.


How to choose the best garden sofa for your needs?

Our outdoor sofa sets range in size from a four-seater, right up to the huge fourteen seater capacity suite. First, consider how many people you are likely to be entertaining most of the time. Of course, there will always be some occasions when there just is not enough seats to go around - but consider what you are likely to need most of the time. Next, consider where you will position your garden furniture. How much space do you have available on the decking or patio. It is best to have your seating placed on a hard surface, as the chair legs would sink into the grass when the weight of someone sitting goes onto it. Even though the fourteen seater is the largest model available at our shop, you can add two sofa sets together if you need more seating capacity.


Consider the size of the area that you have available. Do you have a large outdoor decking or patio area to place the seating within? Measure the space available and remember to leave enough room for people to be able to move around the chairs. Lay out your sofa to look balanced and comfortably spaced - that means do not have all your seats crammed together on one corner of the area or squeezed together so that no one can walk around them. Remember that we have corner seater units and accessories available at our online shop, this makes your layout design a little more flexible.


Will you need a bigger shed to store your sofas in winter?

No need to worry about putting your patio set away during the winter. Your new furniture is designed to resist all that our British winters can bring. And we have brought you these garden sets, without compromising the durability that you want. Our rattan seating is made from a weather-resistant poly rattan material which won't fade in direct sunlight.


Designed with storage in mind, the cushions are removable. The cushion covers are removable for washing. Our cushions are splash proof and drizzle proof, but it is recommended that you take them inside when it rains.



How to care for your garden furniture?

These rattan sets are very low maintenance. But you should make some effort to care for your product so it will last a long time. Our sofas sets are made from a strong and durable steel or aluminium frame and a tough but great looking poly rattan material. Your new outdoor sofa set is going to look great and last for years. Winter storage is not necessary as we have manufactured them from a weather proof synthetic rattan material. We have designed it to remain outside over the winter and we selected high quality materials with that in mind. Anyway, it would take considerable storage space that most sheds just do not have available.

Your outdoor furniture is going to have to withstand many different weather conditions - but that is okay. We have thought about the British weather and we have created the soft seats to resist staining and water damage. But it is still a good idea to take soft furnishings in when it rains. It is also a good idea to invest in garden accessories such as rain covers or a parasol for the occasions when the sun gets too strong and you need shade.

Are outdoor sofas suitable for dining on?

With our modern, on trend rattan designs, such as the corner design models and accessories, we are certain that your new garden furniture is sure to delight you. Make entertaining and dining in the open feel just like you are still on holiday. Not only do these rattan sets look fantastic, they are extremely comfortable. We are certain that you will find them to be as comfortable as anything you have inside the house.


If you position the rattan seating with a small table or coffee table, you can create an area that will be great for entertaining or serving drinks and food. A garden sofa is a flexible piece of furniture and you can mix it with your existing outside chairs to be able to accommodate larger groups for a party or event.


All Alice's rattan dining furniture sets and accessories come with a full two year guarantee to provide you with peace of mind (except the cushions). And, so that you do not have to worry about the cost of delivery for products as large as a fourteen sofa set, we are offering you free delivery on all Alices Garden outdoor items and accessories.

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