Garden Chair and Armchair

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To best accompany your garden table, it is essential to choose the appropriate chairs and outdoor chairs. Their style will bring a real plus in the decoration of your outdoor and garden furniture. In case you want to relax and enjoy the sun, their comfortable seat will be perfect for you

Garden Chair and armchair

Our chairs and armchairs have a cosy seat that allows you to relax and enjoy the sun during the day. Whichever material you choose: textilene and aluminium, textile and polywood, polyrattan, acacia or eucalyptus, each of our models and accessories are designed to provide a pleasant experience during its use. In addition, the textilene in our chairs take the shape of your body to increase comfort. Thus, one has the impression of being on a small cosy cloud. In addition, chairs and armchairs usually have armrests with a width of 5 centimetres to ensure a great moment of relaxation. 


Our armchairs and garden chairs have a design style that brings a touch of originality to the layout of a terrace and may spark your inspiration. In particular, armchairs with an unusual shape or design are a breath of fresh air compared to what we usually see. Also our seater sofa and accessories and quite different from your usual garden furnitures and they'll match well with your patio heaters.


There are lots of chairs and armchairs in rattan and textilene that go well with garden tables and can help your inspiration. They make it possible to increase, if necessary, the number of places around the tables. In addition, there are also deck chairs and garden furniture that match the garden tables and your accessories. Thus, the layout and decoration of the exterior are in harmony with all the garden furniture and your outdoor kitchen appliances.


Plenty of outdoor chairs are occasionally used. They are used during family meals, garden parties and ceremonies, for example. Yet most of the time, they are stored in the garage and take up a lot of space. Thus, it is better to move toward practical chairs like folding or stacking. Indeed, once folded or stacked, space is clear.

In addition, the accessories like the cushions on our chairs and armchairs are removable and water resistant.



Polyrattan is a simple material to maintain. In order to remove the dust, you can blow high-pressure water, or a sponge and soapy water with a bit of white vinegar.


In addition to textilene, chairs and armchairs are combined with aluminium or stainless steel for easy maintenance. A sponge and soapy water with a little white vinegar are enough to remove traces.


Polywood chairs and armchairs do not require any special maintenance. Water with soap is sufficient to wash them after use.

The accessories (cushions, etc) can be washed like any other accessories from your garden : fireplace accessories, kitchen utensils...

In Acacia and Eucalyptus

The chairs and armchairs in acacia and eucalyptus require regular maintenance because it is special wood. It is desirable to clean stain and food residue with soapy water and rub gently with a sponge. If the stain does not go away, take a small hard brush. In addition, to give a second life to chairs and armchairs made of acacia or eucalyptus, apply a layer of oil to the wood. Be careful, take your precautions and have the weather in mind because the chair should be left to dry for 24 hours after applying oil. In addition, it is desirable to store and protect them with a polyester cover after use.

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