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Who does not dream of having a pool in his garden? A swimming pool is ideal for children to splash around and have fun, and adults can relax and cool off on a sunny day. Above ground pools are now sold at affordable prices so everybody can enjoy the pleasure of swimming in its own garden!

Tubular or freestanding: which above ground pool to choose?


The freestanding pool is an inflatable pool that installs easily. Indeed, just inflate his blood sausage and fill it with water. It is the water that gives shape to the pool and makes it go up alone. Thus, the filled pool is all alone. That's why it's called freestanding or freestanding. Practical, the big pudding allows the people in the swimming pool to lean back.


What shape and size for a pool?

There are three different shapes for pools: round, oval and rectangular. To decide among these three forms, you must take into account the size of your garden and the number of people who will go to the pool at the same time. Indeed, the larger the garden, the bigger the pool. So you can choose a rectangle or oval pool that are, generally, the biggest. On the other hand, if you do not have much space, it is better to choose a freestanding round swimming pool.


The installation

The best is to have a flat ground. If this is not the case, you have several solutions: flatten the ground or create a terrace to install your pool above ground.


Freestanding pool:

To install the swimming pool, it is necessary to begin by extending as well as possible the fabric of the swimming pool. Then inflate the flange as much as possible and place the garden hose in the flexible bag. The pool goes up alone and reaches its final height by filling up. When the water reaches the level of the flange and the pocket is perfectly stretched, the pool is full.

Before enjoying the pool, it is recommended to treat the water and start the pump provided, to clean.


Tubular pool: 

Place the fabric of your tubular pool where you decide is best and pay attention to the positioning of the water inlets and outlets. Nest the tubes in the upper part of the pool cloth, then the vertical tubes. Connect the T-tubes to be installed outside the pool to stabilise the structure.

Once the assembly of the structure is finished, fill the basin of water with a garden hose. At the beginning of the filling, check that the fabric is tight and that it is placed correctly so that there are no creases in the bottom of the pool.

You are almost done! Just connect the filtration pump (please read the product manual).



Cleaning the water is essential. Indeed, without filtration, the pool water becomes not appropriate for swimming. It is recommended to filter the water for 3 to 4 hours a day. By cleaning the water you will avoid vegetable waste, the insects and the human waste left during the bathing like dead skin, hair and cream.

In addition, to have healthy water, it is recommended to use chlorine tablets. So that your pond does not become a nest of microbes, put in it a pellet of chlorine a day. Some products measure the rate of chlorine and allow you to have in mind the precise doses needed for your pool. Heat and use cause the chlorine level to drop.

The anti-algae prevents the proliferation of micro-algae in the water. This product is essential because once the algae are in the water, the pond will have to be emptied.

The best is to install a tarpaulin to prevent the plants fall on the surface of the water and dirty the pool. If, however, insects and leaves fall into the water consider using a dip net to remove them once your swim is over. The bottom of the pool can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Finally, remember to clean and change the pump filter regularly so that your pool stays clean and the pump lasts over time.


Essential accessories

The maintenance kit

The maintenance kit contains the essential accessories to keep your pool in good condition. The dip net is used to clean and remove any residue that is on the surface of the water. The vacuum broom, which connects to the garden hose, washes the bottom of the pool with its brush and bag that recovers waste. In addition, to facilitate their use, they have a  telescopic handle that snaps and provides access to the bottom of the pool. The kit also includes a floating thermometer that indicates the water temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The 3-in-1 strip is used to analyze free chlorine, pH and total alkalinity. Simply dip it in the water and compare the color of the strip to the color chart supplied with the maintenance kit. Finally, the floating chlorine diffuser uniformly distributes the water treatment product of the pool. 

The filter

The filter cover allows filtering the pool water and collecting all the dirt. It is advisable to check, clean and change the filter cartridge regularly so as not to damage the filter pump. Indeed, it recovers all the dirt including insects, leaves, dead skins, cream and hair which slip in the walls of the filter. Over time, dirt stagnates between them and the filter does not longer work. 

The tarpaulin

The tarpaulin protects and keeps clean water on the pool surface when not in use. As a result, it prevents insects and dead leaves from passing and prevents the development of microorganisms. In addition, the sheet is perforated so that rainwater does not accumulate. With this type of tarpaulin, you save money on treatments and maintenance is faster. 

The ground cloth

The ground cloth is used to protect the pool and the floor. It is an extra layer between the two. It flattens the ground and prevents plants from damaging the pool fabric. Choose a polyethene floor mat, it is a quality material!

The ladder

The ladder is an essential accessory and a must have when you purchase a pool. It guarantees easy and secure access. In addition, it is very useful to prevent children from accessing water when they are not under the supervision of an adult.


When children are in the water, it is essential that an adult supervises them, because zero risks for a drowning, even for a small pond, do not exist.

It is forbidden to dive in aboveground pools. Even the largest pools do not have enough depth.

If you have small children, be sure to remove the ladder as soon as they are out of the water. The pool is often higher than them and they will not be able to access it without a ladder. A swimming pool should be settled in a strategic place. Parents must be able to keep an eye on the children, permanently.

The budget

The advantage of above ground pools is their very attractive price. The prices of the pools vary according to their size, their shape and also according to the accessories provided with them. On the market, there are above ground pools that cost between 20 and 400 euros. Those sold for more than 400 euros are usually a kit that includes the pool, the ground cloth, the pump, the double ladder and the tarpaulin.

It is possible to have a pool without going bankrupt!

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