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Parasol Accessories

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Take advantage of our range of parasol accessories to perfect your installation. Do you need parasol slabs? A parasol stand? Perhaps you need a cover to protect your canvas from the weather? Don't hesitate, discover our range at the best price and give in to temptation.

What type of base do you need for your parasol?

It needs to be fixed in a base to keep it stable. Some of these come in the form of a large plastic weight (which are sold empty, but can be filled by you with water or sand). These  weights are not fixed down and in our opinion are the best because they allow you to relocate your shade quickly and easily.

Other models include the metal type. A flat steel plate with fixing holes. They are often 'X' shaped, with the holes at the corners. These bases are designed to be screwed to a decking or concrete on a patio. Once fixed, they can not be moved. The last type is a spike. the spike is hammered into the garden soil and the umbrellas handle or shaft is dropped into the centre of the spike.

A good base will provide a secure means of fixing the handle into it - to prevent a "gone with the wind" situation. This normally comes in the form of a screw that can be tightened by hand against the handle. Regardless of the type you choose, the parasols are of little use without one. Consider them one of you necessary accessories.


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