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The parasol is an essential accessory for your balcony, terrace or garden. It allows you to protect yourself from the sun's UV rays and to create a pleasant space to enjoy your outdoor space in complete serenity. Offset or classic, square, round or rectangular, sober or original, Alice's Garden offers you a wide choice of quality umbrellas at the best price. You can also discover our pergolas and gazebos, to organize convivial outdoor events.


Over the centuries, the parasol has become a decorative element in its own right, available in various forms. Everyone can find a parasol with the right shape, colour and style for their garden and terrace. 





The cantilever parasol has the advantage of being adapted to all garden tables. There is no need to have a hole in your table: with its large diameter, the deported umbrella allows you to cover a large part of your terrace to offer a nice shaded area to all your guests. Easy to handle, the cantilever umbrella is equipped with an eccentric articulated arm and generally with a crank to deploy it. Its inclination will allow you to protect yourself from the sun whatever its position in the sky. The offset umbrella has become an indispensable product for spending good moments on the terrace. With its neutral colour canvas such as taupe, black, white, beige or ecru, the deported parasol will become your main ally to protect you from the sun. Are you a fan of flashier colours? The fabric can also be red, orange or even yellow. It's up to you to choose the most suitable colour for your outdoor space.


Straight pole

A classic model, even if the cantilever parasol is becoming more and more popular, the straight parasol is ideal for a table in the garden, the edge of a swimming pool or at the beach. To shade a garden room, you can place your umbrella on a stand next to a garden table or in the centre in a dedicated hole. A straight umbrella can be tilted to optimise your protection from the sun's rays. However, its coverage is still less than that of a cantilever parasol. Easy to transport, you can take this type of parasol with you when you need it for a picnic on the beach or by the pool.


Balcony parasol

A balcony sometimes requires a suitable parasol. It's difficult to choose an offset umbrella, but there are models that are adapted. Equipped with a suitable fixing system, the balcony parasol will allow you to enjoy a shaded area thanks to its fixing by pressure on the ground or ceiling. This type of umbrella is suitable for small spaces and gives you the possibility to optimise the layout to make the most of it. 




The traditional shape of the parasol is ideal for circular tables and small spaces such as balconies or terraces with little surface area. There is a wide choice of colours, making it easy to match your parasol to your garden furniture.


Rectangular or square 

The rectangular or square parasol is increasingly replacing the round parasol thanks to its versatility. Popular for its more contemporary style, it covers more surface area and generally offers better stability in the wind.



Depending on the shape of a parasol, the dimensions do not offer the same protection: a round parasol with a diameter of 4 metres is equal to 12.60 m² and a square parasol with a side length of 4x4 metres is equal to 16 m². A parasol of 3 to 4 metres protects a table for 10 to 12 people. It is up to you to determine what you want from your parasol.



Canvas material

The main fabrics used for parasols are polyester, acrylic and cotton.

Polyester is the most common and offers the best quality/price ratio. This synthetic fibre is UV and moisture resistant, it is a basic fabric whose colour may fade in the long term.

Acrylic is more resistant but also more expensive than polyester. Its UV and water repellent treatment makes it very resistant to UV rays and moisture, which is a very good thing for your parasol. It also allows it to maintain its colour over the long term.   

Cotton is even more expensive but offers even greater durability if the cotton is coated. Its chic look will add a decorative touch to your garden.


Fabric density

This is the weight of the fabric per m². The higher the weight, the thicker and more durable the cloth.

Parasol canvases also have a UV protection index: the UPF. It is advisable to opt for a UPF index of at least 30 so that your parasol, whether or not it is offset, provides adequate protection. If the index is not marked, choose a sufficiently thick parasol cloth.



The structure and pole of a parasol can be made of wood or aluminium. It is up to you to choose the material that best suits your needs.



Aluminium is light and robust. An aluminium parasol is more suited to a contemporary style for your garden and is less expensive than wood.



Wood is a more natural and authentic style. Unlike aluminium, it is heavier, more expensive and requires more maintenance to keep your parasol looking as good as new. Indeed, it must be regularly oiled or varnished in order to last in time.



To install your parasol correctly, it is important to choose its base and to use the accessories adapted to the parasol for optimal use.



The base

It is essential to ensure good stability for the parasol. Its weight is an important criterion and the base should be between 25 and 40 kg. The size of the parasol should also be taken into consideration: if your parasol is more than 2.70 metres high, we advise you to add extra weight to support it. The materials used for a parasol base are diverse: granite, resin, cement, concrete or plastic. In terms of shape, you can find round or square bases.


The slab

Another possibility is the laying slab. At least, we advise you to have 4 slabs to ensure good stability of your parasol, offset or not.



The protective cover

PVC protective covers are essential to protect your parasol from humidity and bad weather. You can thus store your parasol to keep it dry and prolong its life.


Ambient lighting

To use your parasol after dark, you can add LED sensors that can be recharged using solar energy. You will then have mood lighting integrated into your parasol when you need it.



The parasol needs to be maintained and protected from the weather, insects and mould. In order to avoid damaging your parasol, it is sufficient to take a few precautions and clean it well.



You can clean the umbrella fabric with a brush. To do this, first, scrub it dry to remove the heaviest dirt. Then repeat the process by soaking the brush in warm water and Marseille soap. Finally, rinse the parasol cloth thoroughly with a jet of water and dry it in the shade.

Never close your umbrella while it is still wet. For stubborn stains and mildew, you can rub and dab gently with a cloth and ammonia water (use outdoors as this product is harmful). In addition, to avoid recurring maintenance of your umbrella during the summer months, protect it, once dry and clean, by spraying it with stain and waterproofing spray. This will prevent you from having to change the fabric of your parasol.



The frame and pole of an aluminium umbrella do not require any maintenance, unlike a wooden frame and pole, which should be treated about once a year. This is an important criterion when choosing your product.

At Alice's Garden, we offer you a wide range of parasols at the best price: cantilever, straight pole, rectangular, round, balcony umbrellas; it's up to you to choose the product that best suits your garden needs!

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