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A gazebo is a perfect solution to enjoy your patio or gardenwhile sheltering from the sun. Easy to set up, its shade cloth will protect you from UV rays to make it a real relaxation outdoor space. Another advantage is that, unlike a parasol, a gazebo does not clutter up the centre of the patio with an imposing base. Another possibility is the pergola: made of aluminium or steel, it will allow you to create a shady corner in your backyard. At Alice's Garden, we offer a variety of models, always at the best price, adapted to all your outdoor design needs.

Alice's Garden Tips

For a temporary or permanent installation, a Condate or a pergola allows you to shelter effectively from the sun and bad weather when needed. But which should you choose between a pergola or a gazebo? To help you, Alice's Garden details the advantages to be taken into account in your choice.

How to choose a gazebo or a pergola?

Different types of pergolas

A practical garden gazebo is a dismountable structure that does not cost much. Whether folding or fixed, it is generally self-supporting. In fact, its structure does not need to be supported on a façade.

The self-supporting pergola

It is ideal for modern living and fits into many backyards. Indeed, it is easier to maintain and its use is immediate. The self-supporting pergola has a light fabric to protect against different climates.

The wall-mounted gazebo

The wall-mounted gazebo is very common in gardens. It serves the same purpose as a parasol but can accommodate more people. It is a new outdoor living space that allows you to enjoy the good weather while being protected from the sun.

The arbour

The arbour is more aesthetic because you can decorate it to your taste. In fact, you choose the type of plants to grow on it. The structure of the arbour is often made of wood or wrought iron.

The aluminium pergola

Pergolas with an aluminium structure are not only modern, but also robust. Indeed, an aluminium pergola is a guarantee of longevity because it is made of a solid material that does not rust. They have a sleek design that blends in perfectly with all styles of garden furniture. They are practical and have a retractable roof to allow you to enjoy or shelter from the sun in your backyard. The roof canopy is mounted on rails to slide easily and adapt to your wishes. A pergola can also be made of wood.

How to install a pergola?

Alice's Garden gazebos & pergolas are delivered in kit form with clear instructions. The instructions guide you through the assembly, step by step.

Once assembled, it must be fixed to the ground with the pegs provided. It is possible to dismantle it if you store it in winter or in case of heavy storms.

How to maintain a pergola?

To maintain your Alice's Garden gazebo or pergola, the structure should be cleaned with a damp cloth and possibly with a cloth and soapy water.

It is also important to take care of the canopy and covers:

- Takedown the canopy and curtains and lay them out on a flat surface.

- Sweep the canopy to remove dust.

- Brush the canopy and fabrics with soapy water to remove any stains.

Be careful, it is imperative to let them dry well before hanging them up again. In winter, the canopy should be taken down and stored indoors, away from moisture, in a garden shed for example.

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