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Our gazebos offer the ideal solution for any birthday party, get together or family event. They provide you with shade from strong sunlight and shelter if the weather should turn a little on the rainy side! The primary role of a gazebo is to shade you and your family from direct sunlight, to help prevent sunburn and let you avoid the glare from bright light. They were never designed as a rain shelter, but they will provide a good level of protection in the event of a sudden shower or light rain. They are also a great way of keeping the party going in the evenings, long after the dew has fallen and there's a chill n the air!

A gazebo is one of those products you should have - just in case!

Just like any good boy scout, you should always be prepared! And having a gazebo on hand is one way you can be prepared for anything that our Great British weather can bring. Hey, our weather can be a little unpredictable at times, and a gazebo is going to allow you to continue your enjoyment outside. Whether you are entertaining friends or having a family party, a gazebo will provide you with a roof overhead in a light shower.

Why would you want a gazebo?

If we are lucky enough to have a really warm summer, a gazebo will provide shelter from the strong afternoon sunlight. Think about it for a minute. You are sitting around the table on your deck or terrace having lunch. The sunshine is blazing down on you all. You have prepared a lovely salad, but the sun is so strong that it's making the lettuce wilt before it is served.

It's a lovely day. Your children are out on the decking, playing at the table. You can lather them in suncream, but the sunshine will still end up in their eyes. Or maybe you are entertaining friends on the patio. During your lunch, a few drops of rain begin to fall. Will you allow this to put you off, break up the party and go back in to the kitchen, or will you simply crank up the gazebo?

If you want to spend more of your time living the outdoor life, it's a great idea to have one of these handy accessories on hand - just in case you need a roof in a hurry!

How to buy a gazebo

There are lots of different types, colours, and styles available. How can you decide which one is best for you? Easy. Before you decide which model is best suited to your needs, you might give consideration to the following.

Use. How often will it be used and what do you intend to use it for? And, just as important, what type of weather do you expect to use it in?

Functionality. Will it be used in a fixed location all the time or do you want to be able to move it around the garden? Consider how easy or difficult it is to erect the canopy. Could you do it alone, or does it require several people to put it up? If it is to be moved, consider the weight and how easy it is to maneuver.

Location. How exposed is the space where you want to use it? Consider the wind and decide if it needs to be fixed to the ground or weighted down.

Read on for more information on our gazebos

A gazebo is one of those essential accessories for the patio or decking. Recommended for use throughout the summer and into mild autumn and winter weather, our gazebos are designed to provide effective protection in the sun. Protect young children from direct sunshine when they are playing outside in the garden during the day. You don't have to rush back inside in the event of a light drizzle or brief rain shower. When they are not in use, such as over the winter and spring months, it can fold down an pack into it's own cover. This makes it easy to store in the shed or storage box along with your seat cushions and other accessories.

What accessories are available?

It is great being able to relax and unwind on the decking, or if you like dining on the decking we have great garden tables and furniture for you. We have a huge range of beautiful and very stylish gazebos to suit every seating or outdoor dining set. Maybe you have not yet thought about it, but we have a terrific range of accessories to compliment your outside lifestyle. Covers for your table and chairs to protect the larger items from the weather. Led lights that can be used for practical, energy efficient lights or as features. We have storage boxes that match the seating and are handy for storing your accessories like the seat cushions and covers when not in use.

At Alice's Garden we have outdoor furniture and accessories to suit every budget and every taste.

What other options do I have?

In addition to a gazebo, you could also look at our pergolas and our parasols. The pergolas are a semi permanent structure, with a canvas canopy that can be removed completely - and make an attractive feature in their own right. A parasol has the advantage over a gazebo of being lightweight and can be moved around very easily.

All our gazebos will fold down easily into a small size to make moving and storage really easy.

Did you know we have some amazing looking garden lighting in the shop for your patio or decking? They will even make a beautiful and unusual feature in your garden. These are certain to give your friends something great to talk about.

Shop online at Alice's Garden with confidence. We provide you with a full two years guarantee on all our outdoor products and accessories (except seating cushions).


And in case you were not aware, we provide free delivery on all our items and accessories on our online store - including the gazebos.

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