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A greenhouse is a must-have when growing plants, legumes and fruits all year round. With all the food industry scandals coming to light, more and more people are choosing to eat locally grown produce or turning their hand to growing their own tomatoes, cucumbers and salad leaves. To do this, the best thing to do is to invest in a greenhouse, especially with our unpredictable climate. Some opt for custom-built greenhouses whilst others go for the quicker and more practical option; buying a greenhouse kit and assembling it themselves. This option makes greenhouses accessible for everyone.


Having a greenhouse allows you to create the type of controlled climate that’s necessary for growing plants well. You can control the light, humidity, and temperature to create the ideal plant environment. Of course, this varies depending on what you are planning to grow 




It’s important to choose the right greenhouse for you. There are many different models available: traditional, tunnel, wooden-framed, or greenhouse alternatives like cold frames. Whatever model you choose, make sure you’ve clearly identified your needs before making your final decision. 

Choosing your greenhouse is an important decision. Greenhouses get filled up very quickly so always think twice about which size to buy.




The placement of your greenhouse can make the difference been success or failure for your crops. To set up your Alice’s Garden greenhouse, you must orientate it so that it gets as much sun throughout the day as possible, away from cold winds and frost pockets. 

For all-year round crops orientate the edge of your structure east-west for maximum light during colder months. For those who are looking to grow crops only in summer, orientating the edge of the greenhouse north-south is the best option as it will provide the greenhouse with an equal amount of sun on each side, and stop it from overheating. 


Make sure to sit your greenhouse on level ground, where you have easy access to it. We don’t advise you to site your Greenhouse next to trees or walls.


So that you can organise plants in the most intelligent way possible. We recommend that use one, or various shelves depending on the size of your plot. At Alice’s Garden we have a number of them to choose from. 


The first is a 3 tiered shelf unit 110 x117 cm compatible with our polycarbonate greenhouses from 0,9m2 and above. The second is a 2 tiered shelf 195x90 cm which is compatible with our 4.8m2 -10.8m2 sheds. The third is a hanging shelf that’s foldable. This provides you with a handy support for your plants and seeds and allows you to fold and store it when it’s not in use and not eat up your valuable space. It is 125 x 30 and compatible with polycarbonate shelves that are 4.8m2.

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