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Animal Shelters

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If you’d like to keep chickens, or you’re the proud owner of a dog, discover our wide range of outdoor shelters. Give your dog the most comfortable kennel and your chickens the ideal surroundings to lay beautiful eggs.


Do you dream of eating fresh eggs daily? More and more people are starting to raise chickens at home. It’s important to choose a quality coop to protect your chickens from the rain, wind and predators. This way your chickens will feel at ease and will be able to sleep soundly. The coop can be raised, with a ramp allowing access, and perches for added comfort. The nesting box may contain one or several compartments - for 2 to 3 chickens, one compartment is sufficient. For 3 or more, you should add an extra compartment.

The attached run offers your chickens the freedom to move around. Some models also have a roof hatch to make cleaning easier. Keeping chickens at home is good for the environment and your bank balance - you won’t need to buy eggs from the supermarket anymore! What’s more, the chickens reduce household waste as you can feed them your left-over veg peelings or meat fat. Please note, the coop must be sheltered from the wind and direct sunlight.

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