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Why choose outdoor LED lights?

There are few reasons ... There are two main reasons why you would choose outdoor lights.

The first reason is energy efficiency. LED lighting is super economical to run. Just to give you a comparison example. A watt oven LED light will provide you with a similar amount of light as the older fifty watt halogen bulbs. That is just a fraction of the energy used when you choose the led lighting.

Another reason to choose the led lighting fixtures is that of their long lasting lamps. LED bulbs will last you many times the life span of traditional halogen gold incandescent bulbs.

What are the different types of lights available?

Essentailly there are three main categories available. Mains powered - where the units are either plugged into a mains outlet or hard wired in. Solar powered - where a small solar panel is incorporated to recharge the unit's built in battery during the day, and it automatically switches on as night falls. The third type is the rechargeable models. These are plugged into a dedicated charger, and then can be positioned in places where they may not otherwise receive direct sunlight (for a solar unit) or where a mains outlet is not available for plugging in. If you choose the solar powered outdoor lighting - they are completely free to use. They are no longer running when they get their power from the sunlight when it gets dark.

How to choose the correct light.

There are different types of lights for different situations and needs. Task lighting is normally positioned in a way to provide you and your family illumination where it is required. This type is often the wall mounted lamps that you would have on a porch, adjacent to a patio or veranda, at the side of the house or in the shed and garage. They provide useful light to help you see where you are going or what you are doing.

Pathway illumination

Pathway and decking lights are often mounted at a low level to show the way. Mounted in decking, they can help mark out the boundary or illuminate any steps to prevent stips or slips. They can take the form of LED uplighters or low level downlighters.

Feature lights

Accent lighting is used to provide a special feature in the garden or to add a little drama. If you want to add atmosphere, accent lighting such as our globe shaped outdoor led lights are a feature all in themselves, or use uplighting to highlight a sculpture or water feature.

If you would like to draw attention to a certain tree or plant, spotlights are just perfect. Place two or three of them near the base of the tree and focus the beams upwards into the branches and foliage.

Strings of coloured lights strung across a patio or decking are great for creating a party atmosphere for any celebration, or even if you just want to add a little fun while dining.

For added security outside your home

Security lamp fittings are a cost effective deterrent against intruders. These products are a great way to protect your valuables and any items left outdoor and will make a would be burglar think twice about entering your property. They are activated by either movement or heat from a body and when they switch on, they will brightly illuminate a large area. It is important that you mount security lighting at least two meters from the ground to prevent tampering - and to enable them to shine on as wide an area as possible.

If you need to install a lot of exterior lighting fixtures, you can be certain that you are doing the right thing for the environment when you choose to use LED.

Outdoor lights particularly the LED type are very efficient and very reliable. The use only a fraction of the power of older incandescent or halogen lamps. Just because these lighting fixtures are energy efficient, please don't make the mistake of thinking that they are limited in any way.

What to consider when choosing outdoor LED lights

At Alice's Garden, we have a great selection of illuminating products and accessories for you to choose from.

There are many different factors to consider when selecting the appropriate product for your garden or outdoor use. Size matters. For larger areas, a security or flood type fitting will be better suited. For smaller areas such as patios or walkways, task type products will suit better.

Function and appearance

Most people like the look and style of the decorative lamps. The design may look great but they do little to deter intruders. Think about what you are trying to achieve, what end result you need and then choose the fitting or lamp type that is best suited for the purpose - not necessarily what looks nice!

Have you seen our led globe design lights? These designs will create a unique and modern look in your garden. You may even like the smaller globes as a feature in a sunroom or conservatory or for soft indoor lighting.

What type of bulb should you choose?

The first consideration should be the size and type of lamp. Also, consider where it is to be used and think about safety. Above all else, make sure that what ever lamp you select, it is suitable for outdoor use. Indoor lights are not sealed against water or moisture and can become dangerous if used incorrectly. Most bulbs are safe to use outside, but only if they are installed in a fitting that is sealed against the rain and snow.

Where you are installing new light fittings, it is worth looking at those lights which use led bulbs. LED models offer many advantages including a long life and they only use a fraction of the power of older types of bulb.

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