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Party tents let you create the perfect outdoor space for entertaining and for any family event. They provide you with protection in almost any weather, come rain or shine. They are really handy to have for birthday parties, barbecues or even if you want to have friends or family over for an outdoor dinner party.

A party tent is a great idea for garden weddings or if you are thinking of hosting any other family events. With our wide range of sizes, colours and shapes, you are sure to find one to suit your needs. We also have something to suit every budget too.

How to choose a quality party tent

Are you planning for a big event and you are going to host it in your garden? Do you already have enough chairs and tables, or are you thinking of getting them and a marquee from a rental company? Unless you are going to be catering for large numbers, why not buy a party tent that you can use again and again, instead of wasting money on expensive rentals?

How much space do you have available and how many tents do you need?

First thing to think about is the space that you have available. Do you have a large patio or decking area? Or do you have a large level and flat area in your garden that is suitable for placing chairs and tables on?

Next, what is the nature of your celebration? Are you going to host a small family wedding at home? Having a wedding at home is getting very popular as you can create a much more intimate atmosphere. It is pretty easy to organise these days as there are many equipment rentals companies who will provide additional tables and seating and even lighting as necessary for your event.

How many people do you have to facilitate? Count up the number of people who you expect to attend and select a tent with enough capacity for everyone in comfort. There is nothing worse than being cramped together on a warm day or leaving a few people standing outside if it rains.

What will you be using the party tents for?

What is the nature of your event and what are the tents to be used for? Will it be used only as a gathering area to serve food and drinks in, or will you be seating everyone for a more formal dinner? Smaller tents will provide a cosier environment to bring everyone together. You will need a much larger model if you plan on having everyone seated at tables.

If you are planning to site it on a decked area, you should ensure that the decking is capable of supporting a large number of people. Most decks are designed with a family in mind, but there will be considerably more weight on it when a large number of adults gather on it.

Should you buy your own party tents or hire them from a rental company?

Here is the thing. The answer depends on your requirement. If you are hosting large events such as a wedding for a large number of people, you may be better hiring from one of the event rentals companies. They rentals firms have large wedding marquees that will 'house' all of your guests under one roof. The rental people will come and erect it and also provide all the products needed such as chairs, tables, lighting and any other accessories required for your wedding party. A wedding is a stressful time and it might be better to involve professional rentals companies who are experienced at catering for such events.

Party tents for smaller family events.

If however, you want a party tent or tents for infrequent, smaller family parties and events, then buying your own tents may be a better option. Think of it like this, if you hire from a rental company, you are paying them a charge to deliver and erect the tents. The next day the rentals company return and take it away.

If you bought your own tent, you can use it again and again. These products are easy and quite fast to set up. The larger models will require two people to erect, but you will have it completed in fifteen or twenty minutes. They are great products to have on hand. If you were having a barbecue and the weather looks a bit uncertain, Then you can pop one up on the patio and you don't have to worry about it.


Looking after your party tents.

It is not a good idea to leave them out in the weather all year round. When the colder weather comes or it gets too wet to enjoy the outdoor life, pack it away and store it in a safe dry pace with your barbecue and other equipment. Even though party tents are very durable, the canvas will get dirty when dead leaves fall and decompose on it. It's a good idea to dismantle and pack it away in its cover when the canvas is dry - so that staining or mildew doesn't become a problem.

Alice's Garden help you shop with confidence and make your event run smoothly.  To give you with complete peace of mind, we provide you with a two year warranty on all our party tents and equipment. We want to make life easy and help you save money, so we offer free delivery on all our party tents and products.


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    • -£20Burdigala 3x9 Burdigala: Marquee / garden gazebo waterproof 3m x 9m, metal connectors
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      Burdigala 3x9 Burdigala: Marquee / garden gazebo waterproof 3m x 9m, metal connectors


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      Burdigala 3x6 Burdigala: Marquee/ gazebo waterproof 3mx6m white canopy, steel


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